Tired of Wasting Hay? Use a Hay Feeder.

Use a hay feeder to avoid wasting hay!

Tired of Wasting Hay? Use a Hay Feeder.

Cattle farmers know just how expensive feeding hay to cattle can be. Robert Kallenbach, from the Department of Agronomy at University of Missouri, states that hay costs anywhere between $.02 and $.07 per pound of dry matter. Wasting this crucial investment and resource can be a serious damper on monthly and annual budgets for cattle farmers.  

Most cattle farmers experience waste due to improper feeding practices and poor storage techniques. Fortunately, wasting hay can easily be eliminated by the use of a hay feeder. A hay feeder can come in the form of a hay ring and certain variations.

In the Buckwild  Innovations Hay Bale and Ring Mover video below, you may have noticed that we used a “Cone Style” hay ring.

The cone style hay feeder is considered to the best variation of a hay ring due to its high level of efficiency. According to a study titled, “Effects of bale feeder type and processing on hay waste, intake, and performance of beef cattle”, cone style hay feeders are more efficient with a total waste percentage of 3.5%. In comparison, the hay ring feeder elicited a waste percentage of 6.1 – 9%, and no ring feeder resulted in 45% hay waste.

Naturally, some hay will be wasted — regardless of the type of hay feeder you use. However, you can drastically reduce that amount by using an efficient hay feeder and implementing rotational feeding.

The Problem With Hay Feeders

While cone style and ring hay feeders elicit a wide variety of benefits for cattle farmers, there is one large problem — moving it to various locations on the property. As we mentioned previously, rotational feeding is a great practice for cattle farmers. However, moving hay ring and cone style rings to specific feeding locations is a daunting task due to the heavy weight. These feeders cannot be dragged or carried (easily, at least), and can be destroyed when cattle farmers try to use a front loader in the process.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

The Hay Spear Ring Mover From Buckwild Innovations

We know that rotational feeding, eliminating hay waste and having healthy cattle are imperative for cattle farmers. Without these three things, a cattle farmer will have a difficult time succeeding.

Buckwild Innovations has created a product that will benefit cattle farmers by:

  • Eliminating difficulty in moving hay feeders
  • Improve longevity of hay feeders (both ring and cone style, along with other variations)
  • Reduce amount of wasted hay by easy movement of hay feeders
  • And more

The hay spear ring mover allows cattle farmers to implement rotational feeding and move their hay rings from location to location with ease.

Interested in learning more about the hay spear ring mover from Buckwild Innovations? Contact us today!