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The “Hay Ring Cover” is a kit that comes with everything you need to install it on your own hay ring.

What Is It?

Universal cover that will bolt onto any cattle hay ring or 12 hoop horse hay ring that is approximately 8′ in diameter and has tubing size from 1 1/4″ to 2″. This effectively turns your hay ring into a covered feeder that does not have the hay dust inhalation risks of fully enclosed feeders.


Protects the hay bale from rain or snow. No more soggy, nasty hay or your animals wasting hay by pulling off the wet layer to get to the dry. No more freezing over night making a solid ice bale that your animals can’t eat! Hay ring can still be lifted and rolled by hand or can be moved with our Hay Spear Ring Mover.


Roof support structure made from heavy duty galvanized tubing, plates, and hardware for durability and years of service. Roof is made of heavy duty high tear resistance 1/8″ thick UV stabilized extruded rubber designed to withstand hot and cold temperatures.


The Hay Ring Cover is designed to be a safe, cost effective means of protecting hay in a ring feeder without hindering the original function of the hay ring. The Ring Cover has 6 roof support bars that are mounted onto the hay ring in evenly spaced positions and rise to a level slightly higher than the top tube of the hay ring, this is to allow the flat circular roof to droop in between the support bars and take on the shape of a conical/tapered roof on hay rings of varying diameters. The rubber is mounted in the center and it is bolted on every roof support bar. The roof being constructed of rubber material makes it safe from harming animals such as a wood or metal roof would, this allows it to be mounted lower to protect the hay from wind blown rain. If a horse or other tall animal quickly raised their head, the roof will not hurt them.

Ring can still be rolled and placed over new bale by hand, lifted with a front loader, or lifted with the 3 point hitch with our Bale&Ring Mover Spear

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**When using on horse hay rings**

The base model has 6 roof bars, this allows it to be used on cattle rings and horse rings that have 12 hoops. With 12 hoops, placing the 6 roof bars on every other hoop evenly distributes the rubber roof around the ring. If you have a 9 hoop horse ring, you will need the 9 bar model.

**Patent Pending**

Customer Reviews

“I had seen your cover a while back and thought that a person could do something like that, but a person could not have pieced something together for the price of your cover. Again, thanks for such a great design, being so easy to do business with and thanks for making it in the USA.” – Brenda Evans

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“I am very happy with the Ring Covers, the video on how to install was great and the Covers are handling the cold and snow of Montana just fine!” – Margaret Reichenberg

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“The Ring Cover looks great and it’s easy for us to get it over the roll. We love it and think the horses agree!” – Kathryn Moats

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“These Ring Covers really are wonderful! They save hay even on a snowy day!” – Trea Wessel

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“We have happy cows and happy horses thanks to our Ring Covers, and were happy with our Ring Mover Spear because moving our rings is a breeze now!” – Lori Beth Adams

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“Ring Cover has been working great, thank you!” – Wallace Bell

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“My cows stopped eating hay in May to eat the growing grass, then in October they started eating the same bale that had been setting in the ring the whole time! That is proof the cover does a good job of keeping the bale fresh. I have saved a lot of hay due to my cows are not pulling the wet hay off and dropping it anymore. All of the hay stays dry and gets eaten” – Tom Piatko

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“This hay ring cover is really great! My horses love that their hay is fresh, protected and not wet! Video instructions made it quite easy to install and even though you can move your hay ring and cover by hand…I have to say that the ring mover is an investment you won’t regret!” – Holly Genovese

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Buckwild Innovations has first hand experience in owning and operating cattle, equine, goat, and poultry farming operations and second hand experience in just about everything else. We have developed solutions and manufactured custom products which were tested in our own farming operations and others as well with positive results. We are glad to be able to offer our innovative, quality made products to you and we look forward to the opportunity to provide you with products that will improve your farming operation, after all, you work hard and you deserve it.

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