Free Shipping Qualifications


If your purchase meets these requirements, you can receive Free Shipping. Simply enter the coupon code in the box at the top of the page during checkout. **THE CODE MUST BE ENTERED BEFORE YOU CHECKOUT for it to remove the residential shipping fee.**

Coupon Code


Free Shipping Requirements

If your order consists of at least one Ring Mover Spear, it will ship free to a commercial address.

3 or more Ring Covers will ship free to a commercial address.

We Want to save you money!

Ask a local business if you can have your package dropped off there. Many of our customers ask the local farm supply or hardware store. If you cannot get permission to use a local business’s commercial address, get together with friends or family that plan on purchasing our products and all of you make one purchase and get it shipped to one location; Even though it is residential, we can ship it for free.

Shipping to a Tennessee Address?

Save completely on shipping by shopping at your local TN Farmers Co-op!

Click here to find out near you!

Or check our dealer locator map to find your nearest dealer in the United States.

Address Definition

What is a Commercial Address?

A Commercial Address is a place of business listed in the phone book which has regular business hours and receives regular shipments with easy access for 18-wheeler trucks.

What is a Residential Address?

A Residential Address is a home address.


Buckwild Innovations has first hand experience in owning and operating cattle, equine, goat, and poultry farming operations and second hand experience in just about everything else. We have developed solutions and manufactured custom products which were tested in our own farming operations and others as well with positive results. We are glad to be able to offer our innovative, quality made products to you and we look forward to the opportunity to provide you with products that will improve your farming operation, after all, you work hard and you deserve it.

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