Caring for Cattle During the Winter Months

Caring for Cattle During the Winter Months

Caring for Cattle During the Winter Months — Buckwild Innovations

As the seasons change, we think about how to prepare ourselves for the chillier months to come. We are fortunate because, for most of us, it’s as easy as going into storage and taking out our winter apparel…

But what’s a cow to do?     

Cows are adverse to extreme temperature changes, much like how many of us are. Except, as mentioned above, we have our sweaters and jackets. 

It’s important to keep livestock feeling healthy and cared for when the temperatures drop. Below are some tips for keeping cows content: 

A Breakdown of Energy Changes

The amount of energy used by cattle depends on the temperature outside. When the temperature drops below a certain degree, there’s an increase in energy expenditure from livestock. This is known as the Lowest Critical Environmental Temperature (LCT) and where it falls depends on the species of animal.   

Food and Water

An increase of energy expenditure leads to an increase of how much your cattle will need to consume.   

You want to make sure that your cattle are fed well throughout the entire year. Keep hay protected from the elements with Buckwild Innovation’s hay ring cover (which is especially critical during the wintertime). This will lead to lesser food waste. 

Also, be sure that your cattle are getting adequate amounts of water!


Shelter for livestock can take the form of a natural landscape with variety, or a man-made shelter. It’s not practical for a large herd of cattle to take shelter in a man-made structure, nor would they want to for an extended period of time. That being said, the option of a manufactured shelter is better than having none, if your farming landscape doesn’t provide natural spaces that would provide adequate shelter.    

Hills and tree coverage can provide shelter for cattle. Just a little protection from the wind and rain can cut back on the amount of energy used to keep warm in these elements.  

Keeping Healthy

Encourage animal movement by varying the locations of their feeding and watering stations. Promote exercise, as it is just as important during the winter months.  

Keep up the work this winter for happier cattle and in turn, be a happier farmer.    

The High Cost of Cheap Goods: Is Low-Cost Farming Equipment Worth It?

The High Cost of Cheap Goods: Is Low-Cost Farming Equipment Worth It?

Are low cost farming goods worth it? Not at all!

Farming equipment takes quite the beating over years and years of use. However, it’s a necessary evil; farmers need equipment in order to produce goods to sell to the public or their strategic partners. We naturally have a desire to find equipment and products that are low cost and high quality all at the same time. But how often do those products exist? Very rarely.

As a result, consumers tend to purchase the cheapest product on the market. At first, this seems like a great decision, especially for your wallet, budget and bank account! Unfortunately, after a few uses, the product breaks and you’re back at square one.

Imagine you own livestock and it’s time to purchase a few new hay rings. While browsing your options online or at your local co-op, you notice an incredibly low price on a hay ring. At that price, you can purchase more hay rings than you originally planned! With this in mind, you make the purchase and are on your way home.

Back on the farm, you begin to use the hay rings and all is right with the world. Wrong. After only a few uses, your livestock, the weather and other factors destroy your hay rings. Now you’re forced to go back to the store and start over, all because you purchased a cheap product.

By purchasing cheap products, you become stuck in a vicious spending cycle. Low cost = low quality!

What Other Options Do I Have?

Instead of buying the cheapest product or piece of equipment on the market, do your research and purchase American made, top quality products.

As a farmer, you cannot afford to be loose or laid back with your budget. You need to make calculated decisions and purchases. Certain American made, high-quality products may be more expensive than other options, but the investment will last longer and benefit far more than your immediate farm. Purchasing American products provides benefits to your neighbors, family members, other farmers, and others around our great country.

Need a few convincing reasons to purchase quality farming goods made in the USA? We’ve got several:

1) Purchasing USA goods assists in creating and maintaining jobs for our citizens.

2) Goods and products made in the USA must comply with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can rest assured knowing your product is made only of the best quality.

3) The money you spend on American made products stays within the USA!

4) American made products are of the highest quality. Therefore, your investment will not be void a few days, weeks, months or even years down the road. You can have peace of mind knowing that your investment will last a while.

All Buckwild Innovation Products Are 100% American Made

The hay spear ring mover and hay ring cover are made right here in the United States of America. If you are interested in adding one of our products to your farming operation, visit our shop or contact us today for more information.