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What is it?

The Hay Spear Ring Mover is a tractor implement that will attach to the 3 point hitch or bolt to the front loader center post with optional hardware kit, or can be fitted with any tractor manufacturers quick attach brackets, and give the ability to move your bales of hay and the hay rings without the hassle.

How Does It Work?

The Ring Mover works just like any other hay spear for moving bales of hay, the differences are; the spear is on a hinge that allows it to raise upward when placing a hay ring over a bale, it has two hooks for spreading the load to lift the ring without damage, it has a bottom cradle that supports the ring so it is held securely while driving over rough terrain, and it has extra top link mounting locations to insure that even small tractors with limited 3 point hitch lift height can lift the hay ring high enough to place it over a bale.

With The Hay Spear Ring Mover…

You can use hay rings effectively. Tests have shown that protecting bales with rings and feeding the correct portions can yield up to 40% savings in unwasted hay!

Prevent foot health problems because cows will no longer stand in deep mud, manure, and urine.

Prevent other problems associated with deep mud, such as wounded animals from slipping or calves getting stuck and trampled.

Evenly disperse manure throughout the field.

Have less destruction to the ground.

What You Can Look For In Your Hay Spear Ring Mover…

No more manually moving a ring by hand.

Does not harm the ring like a regular hay spear on a front end loader especially when stuck in deep mud or frozen to the ground.

Less time required to feed!

Use heavier rings that your bull won’t crush or break leaving jagged edges to cut your herd.

Gives you the ability to quickly and easily move your feeding location a good distance every time you feed.

Why should you buy a Hay Spear Ring Mover?

It is an improvement to what you are doing that will save you time and money.

Any product that will save/make money is basically free. It pays for itself, then it starts making a profit.

American made, Lifetime warranty, Money back guarantee.

How will it save time and money? Depending on your operation, you either:

  1. Move rings with your regular spear on front loader
    • Bends and breaks the rings forcing you to buy new ones
    • Sharp broken edges can cause harm to livestock requiring doctoring
  2. Move them by hand
    • Labor intensive and is time consuming
  3. Don’t move the rings
    • Excessive mud issues; calves stuck and trampled, parasites, foot disease, etc.
    • Waste potential fertilizer by not freely distributing throughout the pasture. Stockpiled manure loses a large amount of its nutrients and requires time, equipment, and fuel to distribute.
  4. Don’t use hay rings because they are a hassle to move
    • Wastes a large amount of hay, some tests show up to 40% of the bale.

Still not sure if it will benefit your operation?

Put a pencil to your operation and figure out;

How often do you replace rings?

How long does it take to feed?

If you start spreading manure naturally, how much time, fuel, and equipment wear will it save and how will it benefit your pasture using better manure?

If you start using rings how much hay will you save?

Once you figure out what you need, you can purchase a Hay Spear Ring Mover and use it for 30 days. If you don’t think it is going to gain you the benefits you need, then simply send it back for a full refund! (So far, this has never happened!)

Includes a lifetime warranty that covers everything but the spike/spear itself and operator error.

Customer Reviews

Buckwild Innovations builds a very well made hay lift. The Louisiana mud builds up on the rings and they are hard to deal with on cold rainy days. The hay lift picks up the ring and gently places it over the bale, saving time and hay rings. I liked it so much I bought another one. Thank you for making a quality product that is worth the cost. – Eric Stephens

Hay, Manure, and Soil Management

Let’s say, you have a 25 acre field—we divide that up into 25 individual acres. These individual acres are where we will be feeding the hay.


The example shows that in the bottom left hand corner there is either a gate or a water trough, either way you can see the pink lines representing cattle paths-that this is a high trafic area that will be rough on the ground (we will stay away from this area and only feed in the area shaded in yellow). Now we have 16 individual acres to place our bales.

For example, we have twenty-five 1,000 lb. cows that will eat 4% of their body weight in hay per day. That’s 40lbs. per cow per day, so 25 cows will eat one 1,000 lb. bale a day.

If we decide a good number is 5 cows per bale, then we can place out 5 bales and have enough to last for 5 days. At the next feeding we will place all the bales and rings over to the next spot to last us another 5 days. The example shows that this will last for 80 days. That’s over 2 and a half months that the original spot has been left to heal! You now just start over or adjust what your doing to fit the needs of the field.

Lets say on average a cow produces 40lbs. of manure per day. Over the course of the 80 days in this example, we have spread over 80,000 lbs. of manure over the field without ever hooking to a manure spreader or purchasing fertilizer!

Remember, this is just an example. An acre may be too large or too small for your needs. Simply use this example with your own figures. Remember that the closer you are to the correct amount of hay for your animals—the less they will waste.You will be amazed at how this product will save you money and increase productivity; all while making things a little easier.

Front Loader Bolt Kit

Front Loader Bolt Kit

This kit allows you to bolt the Hay Spear Ring Mover to your existing hay spear frame on your front loader without having brackets welded to it, therefore any time you choose to remove the unit, it can still be installed on a 3 point hitch. Simply remove the spear from the vertical 3″ square tube in the middle of your original frame and use this bolt kit to clamp your frame’s middle tube to the Ring Mover’s middle tube. If there is a welded spear bushing in your frame then you will need the bolt kit with spacers.


Buckwild Innovations has first hand experience in owning and operating cattle, equine, goat, and poultry farming operations and second hand experience in just about everything else. We have developed solutions and manufactured custom products which were tested in our own farming operations and others as well with positive results. We are glad to be able to offer our innovative, quality made products to you and we look forward to the opportunity to provide you with products that will improve your farming operation, after all, you work hard and you deserve it.

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