Hay Ring Cover


***!!! ATTENTION !!!***

We are sad to say that we are out of stock and will be until at least Jan-Feb of 2022. This is due to our rubber manufacture (who makes our roof) being this far behind. You can still purchase the Hay Ring Cover and be put on our list; we will ship as soon as our rubber comes in.  They will be shipped in the order we receive them.

Due to people not reading the statement above and asking for a refund or being upset that we are out of stock, we will not be allowing people to purchase and be on a list. It will be on a first come first serve when we get them back in stock. For the people that have already order, you are still on the list and will have yours shipped out first.


****UPDATE March 2022******

Our Manufacture is starting to catch up and the roofs will go into production soon!! We have put them out of stock due to people not READING the above info and ordering and wanting Full refunds and cost us extra fees. When we receive the rubber, we will ship out those who have been waiting and already bought and then we will put them back in stock! I will post a restock date so you can be ready!


Thank you to everyone who understands and for waiting for us!



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Universal (6 Bar) Ring Cover will attach to any cattle style hay ring or 12 hoop horse ring that is approximately 8′ in diameter and has tubing size up to 2″, and Plastic/Poly hay rings 8′ diameter with any size top tube.  9 Hoop horse hay rings will require the (9 Bar) Hay Ring Cover. Poly / Plastic hay rings require regular hex head bolts instead of U-bolts, be sure to click the correct options when purchasing. Assembly required, see installation instructions.


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Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 10 in
Hay Ring Cover

6 Bar Cover, 9 Bar Cover, Poly/plastic Ring Cover, Replacement Rubber Roof


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